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About Music Together  

Music Together® is an internationally recognized family music program based on early childhood development research. Originally offered to the public in 1987, in NJ, United States. Currently this program is provided in 28 countries around the world including Japan.
Music Together program emphasizes actual music experiences rather than concepts about music. Children participate at their own level. There is no performance pressure. Children teach themselves through play, experiencing the Music informally.

The active participation of parents (adults) is essential in class. Parents are shown ways to stimulate their child’s music development regardless of their own musical background. Music is as much a basic life skill as language and all children can sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate in music-making with confidence.

Class schedule

10 weekly 45-minute class
mixed-age class (age 0-5)

 Location  Time
 Shiki  Tue  10:15~11:00
Kawaguchi Fri  10:30~11:15




for 10 week lesson (including songbook and CD)
1st semester: 19,000 yen

2nd semester: 16,000 yen

(any siblings are free)


Kyoko Shimada